• Liz Ingram Knitwear


    Celtic pocket jacket

     lime "Celtic Pocket" jacket    lime "Celtic Pocket" jacket

    Knitwear designs from Liz Ingram, are inspired by Celtic and Pictish themes, Nature, Scottish traditional Fair Isle and Sanquhar patterns.


    There are jackets, cardigans and tunics to suit both men and women, plus matching hats in most designs.

    Some designs are available in childrens' sizes.


    Garments can be made to measure in a wide variety of colours. Lined jackets are a speciality.

    Yarns used include lambswool/ silk, Shetland wool and merino/ lambswool. Commissions are welcome.




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    loden "Celtic Carving" tunic     loden "Celtic Carving" tunic loden "Celtic Knot" tunicloden "Celtic Knot" tunic cool "Blocks" cardigan   cool "Blocks" cardigan
     tuttifrutti "Blocks" cardigantuttifrutti "Blocks" cardigan black "Fair Isle" tunic     black "Fair Isle" tunic   navy aqua "Fair Isle" tunic      navy aqua "Fair Isle" tunic  
     nutmeg "Fair Isle" tunicnutmeg "Fair Isle" tunic  loden orange "Fair Isle" hatloden orange "Fair Isle" hat bramble "Knotwork" hat     bramble "Knotwork" hat  
     mineral blue "Knotwork" hat       mineral blue "Knotwork" hat  navy "Saltire" hat navy "Saltire" hat  charcoal "Sanquhar" tuniccharcoal "Sanquhar" tunic 
     carnation "Little Flowers" tunic    carnation "Little Flowers" tunic white blue "Meconopsis" hatwhite blue "Meconopsis" hat  flintstone sea "Pictish Spirals" tunic flintstone sea "Pictish Spirals" tunic 
    "Tiger" jacket   "Tiger" jacket   "Rainbow" tunic"Rainbow" tunic  navy "Thistles" hat   navy "Thistles" hat  
     flintstone "Thistles" tunicflintstone "Thistles" tunic  "Zebra" jacket"Zebra" jacket  


  • Maggie MacDonald - Felt Jewellery


    Choose-your-coloursI create jewellery by hand-felting quality fibres such as merino wool, cashmere and silk. Each piece is dressed with freshwater pearls, glass beads or gemstones. Each item is unique, wearable and distinctive. My current range, comfortable and light to wear, includes bracelets, necklaces, and pins, together with drop necklets made from raw silk. The designs are inspired by elements of the natural world seen on my travels to the USA, Canada, the South Pacific and Europe. The colours reflect a range of natural phenomena, from leaden Scottish skies to sunsets in Fiji.

    I also craft unique bags, mats, hangings and cards.

    Felted Twists


    Ocean blue & amber


    Reds & purples


    Black and white felt jewellery

    Silk drops

    Stick pins

    Silk-drops Stick-pins
  • Rosemary Macrae



    I have always had an interest in fabrics and sewing and developed an interest in quilting and patchwork many years ago, being facinated by the colours and textures used. All quilts and cushions are made by myself the majority hand quilted. Large bed quilts and bedspreads are made to order. Seasonal items include quilted advent calendars,stockings and cushions also smaller items eg doorstops and tablet/kindle beanbags.



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    rmMarch17a rmMarch17b
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    20170202 160537


     Quilting and patchwork



     rosemary02  rosemary03
     rosemary04  rosemary05
     rosemary06  rosemary07


  • The Cottage Soap & Gift Gallery


    Handcrafted Soap

    Handcrafted Soap

    The Cottage Soap & Gift Gallery is a small family business based in the
    village of Leslie, Fife. On offer is a range of quality handcrafted soap at an affordable price, with plans to introduce more items & gifts to complement each other.

    The soaps are very natural cold-processed soaps, made with olive oil & a variety of essential oils for fragrance. There are no artificial colours, fragrances or animal products added to the soap which makes it very kind and gentle to use. The whole process takes approximately 6 weeks from start to finish. The soaps are handcut, wrapped & labelled by hand.

    Wedding Favours made to order

    Please feel free to contact Susan to discuss your individual requirements for your Special Day

    Hotels & Guest Houses

    Treat your guests to something special !

    Handcrafted Soap

    animals thistle wedding rosebud gathered
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