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    Although Donald has always been an artist, he decided in 1988 to take a year's course on pottery and when it finished he took another year until he decided to try his luck with a business which was opened in December 1990. It was only through doing craft fairs and listening to the requests of the public that the “ Methil Moggie” was born. It seems that people cannot get enough of cats, so when the Moggie came along it was very different from anything they had seen before and that is still the same today. They are unique to themselves, and because everyone is made by hand they will remain that way.

    The “Methil Moggie” now comes with its own Legend:
    The Methil moggie is a direct descendant of the legendary McMoggie who was a warrior cat of some repute
    Legend has it that McMoggie disposed of 1026 dogs single handedly in the town of Methil centuries ago. Over the span of time these cats have lost their fierceness and are now the loveable rogues and rascals that we know as the “ Methil Moggies”. Legends such as this are rife in the Kingdom of Fife.

    Many more characters such as Mutts, pigs, highland cattle, ponies, bears, scenic plaques just to name a few, and a selection of oil and acrylic paintings are also available.

    House SignsHouse Signs

    Commissioned House SignCommissioned House Sign
    Large cow, moggie and muttLarge cow, moggie and mutt Highland cattle family - Hamish, Morag and Wee EckHighland cattle family - Hamish, Morag and Wee Eck
    Fat CatFat Cat Large Laidback CatLarge Laidback Cat
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